I'm interested in joining TFCF– how do I get started?

Come in and check out what all the hype is about with Free Class. Arrive 15 minutes before any of our regularly scheduled Group Sessions and we will get you signed in and ready to go!


I am new, how do I learn all of the movements?

We offer fundamentals classes to make sure you learn all of the essential movements to get started into Group Sessions safely. You will go over squatting, pressing, bodyweight movements, instruction on warm-up, mobility and even nutrition. Come in workout clothes and some water! 

I’m new to TFCF; how do I read the whiteboard?

You will learn how to read the whiteboard during your Fundamentals course, but of course feel free to ask your group coach if you ever have trouble understanding what’s written on the board. You should also be aware that there is always room to individualize the prescribed workouts based on your particular strengths, weaknesses and goals.



What is your Open Gym Policy?

TFCF is an all-coaching facility. We have great coaches, we want to make sure you are moving well.You may arrive to your group session early if you need additional time to stretch or mobilize. Please utilize our open gym times for any additional training. 

Does TFCF have showers?

Yes! Our location has a shower facility for your convenience.