Sara's love for sports and fitness began in 6th grade with cross country. Throughout high school, she also competed in gymnastics and ran track. In college, and up until she found CrossFit in March of 2012, Sara was in the weight room three days a week and on the treadmill in between lifting days. It was boring and she missed the competition as well as being part of a team. Sara saw a commercial for CrossFit, went to the intro, and never looked back.

Sara became a CrossFit Level 1 coach in November 2014 and has been instructing since. Naturally, her favorite CrossFit movements are gymnastics, but she loves how powerful picking up a heavy barbell makes her feel.

She has a degree in Nutrition & Community Health from The Ohio State University and worked for a major nutrition company here in Columbus for eight years before becoming a stay-at-home mom. Her husband Dave, is a CrossFit assistant and Adaptive Physical Education Teacher. Their daughter, Lily, loves coming to the gym to see our "Fit Fam". She is only 16 months old now, but Sara knows she will love CrossFit too when she is old enough. Outside of the gym, Sara loves cooking, hot weather, reality TV, and her weenie dog Griffin.