Greg joined the program in June of 2012 and quickly fell in love with CrossFit and the culture of community. After a long career in law enforcement, Greg was looking for an intense workout and friendly atmosphere. Before CrossFit, Greg was a runner for general health and fitness and has completed one full marathon and two half marathons. Less than a year after he joined, Greg received his Level 1 CrossFit certification and has been coaching since July 2013.

Born in Manassas, VA and raised mostly in SC, Greg was a collegiate athlete, swimming butterfly and freestyle sprint events. He spent approximately twelve years in law enforcement. He attended the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA, and the USCP Federal Police Academy. His law enforcement experience has been spent in both Washington, DC and Columbia, SC. He also worked in a maximum security prison for a number of years where he helped lead the Rapid Response Team and conducted training in Defensive Tactics/ Ground Fighting/ Edged Weapon Defense/ Hostage Negotiations/ Conflict Resolution.

Greg moved to the central Ohio area in 2009 and lives in Columbus with his partner Kevin and rescued Boxer, Nigel.